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Mission Statement:

The mission of Sandy Hill Preschool is to provide a supportive Christian atmosphere that enhances a child's social, emotional, physical and spiritual development, encourages a love for learning and provides support for individual families.


  • To further children's social development, creative imagination and physical skills.

  • To instill in children the values of love, obedience, compassion, trust and belief in God.

  • To discover and try to meet the needs of individual children and instill in them feelings of worth and self-esteem.

  • To develop children's kindergarten readiness skills and a positive attitude toward school.


Play Philosophy:
At Sandy Hill Preschool, we believe children learn best through play. Children learn through play when given time, space and materials. Play allows children to express ideas, make choices, experiment and explore. Our staff extend play through encouragement, modeling and conversation.  We choose creative art, block play, dramatic play and manipulatives over worksheets and computer games. We believe 3-D is better than 2-D for preschool children.


Teaching Philosophy:
The individual child is the first priority of our program. All planning, preparation and setup of classrooms are done with this in mind. The teacher works toward discovering the needs of each student and assists that child to grow and develop according to his/her own interests and needs. This includes social, emotional, spiritual and physical growth. We do not emphasize specific learning goals which the whole class is expected to attain at the same time, rather we look at individual goals for each child. The classroom is set up to encourage exploration, creativity and self-directed learning. It is organized into activity areas: quiet area, art area, dramatic play area, block area. There is a wide variety of learning materials from which to choose. Materials are arranged so the child can find them easily and put them away again. Emphasis is placed on using as many senses as possible in the learning process.

Classroom Routine:

  • Choosing Time: the child chooses activities from the Art Area, Social Area, Block Area, Dramatic Play area, Quiet Area.

  • Snack Time: children enjoy a snack with their friends at preschool. Snacks are provided by the preschool.

  • Large Muscle Time: children participate in group activities that use the larger muscles in the arms and legs.

  • Circle Time: Teacher and children share stories, songs and finger plays.

Program Highlights
  •    Developmentally Appropriate Program 
  •    Parent Involvement
  •    Field Trips
  •    Family Get Togethers
  •    Individual and Class Pictures
  •    Handicap Accessible

  •   Enrichment Classes including Brain Builders, Music, and Lunch Bunch

  •   Extended Day Class Option for our 4 and 5 year old students

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